What We Do

Our Services

Lawn Care

We perform maintenance on the lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, and grounds of our client’s property.

  • mowing grass
  • trimming hedges
  • removing debris

Pressure washing

We remove any dirt and bacteria that can cause mildew and algae to grow and make your property look run down and unkept and diminish any curb appeal.

  • Cleaning inside and outside drainage
  • Sweeping and scrubbing exterior surfaces
  • Disinfect

Gutter cleaning

We remove any debris, dirt, and leaves from your gutters and downspouts that clog your gutter system and stop rainwater from flowing freely from the roof to the ground.

Cleaning the interior

  • vacuuming
  • sweeping
  • dusting
  • cleaning windows
  • mopping floors


  • Maintain walls, ceilings, and other surfaces by applying coatings and paints.
  • Apply paint by spraying, brush, and roller.
  • Maintain a work area by cleaning up spills.
  • Follow safety precautions regarding use of paints and solvents.
  • Prepare surfaces by sanding, cleaning, and priming.


We help reduce frozen waterlines, which are very common during the cold months by conducting a thorough and complete draining of all plumbing and heating systems.

  • Winterizing sprinkler systems to avoid freezing.
  • Flush water systems in the spring,
  • Disconnect Exterior Hoses.
  • Shut Off the Main Water Valve.
  • Blow Excess Air Out of Your Pipes.
  • Drain Your Toilets and Water Heater.


We will install, repair and maintain the locks for property.

Replacing broken windows

Remove the Broken Glass and Clean the Frame. Using a putty knife, pry up the hardened glazing compound from around the glass.

  • Measure the Frame and Buy the Glass.
  • Mount the Glass.
  • Glaze the Window.
  • Let the Glazing Cure, Then Paint.

Removing debris

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  • Property condition inspections
  • Occupancy inspections
  • Fema Inspections

Eviction Services

  • Pre-eviction inspection
  • Eviction
  • Personal belonging removal

Rehab Services

Small repairs to full renovations to assure our client’s property are in compliance with all applicable laws.